Feed Crusher with Electric Motor and Shaft

* Kaffa feed crushing machine can be successfully used for all grain products (wheat, barley, corn, etc.).
* Kaffa electric motor feed crushing machines are for stationary use.
* In the Kaffa feed crushing machine, different crushing sizes of the products are easily provided by changing sieves.


Drive Type / Tahrik Tipi 20 HP Tractor Tail Shaft PTO
Power Need / Güç İhtiyacı - 20 hp
Capacity / Kapasite 2.5 Tons / Hour 2.5 Tons / Hour
Connection Style / Bağlantı Şekli 5-8 mm custom sieves Fixed / Tractor three point suspension system
Setting Break Size / Kırma Boyutunun Ayarlanması 5-8 mm custom sieves 5-8 mm custom sieves